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Super Bowl 2013 schedule for Ravens vs. 49ers

The game is the centerpiece, but there are other major events on Super Bowl Sunday.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the American sports calendar, and over 100 million people tune in each year to see the champions of the AFC and NFC battle it out for a title. Many of those folks are not football fans, and the NFL caters to them by offering up extracurriculars surrounding the play on the field. Some of the game's most memorable moments don't involve great catches or touchdowns, they are from the National Anthem or the halftime show.

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year, with the NFC champs coming in as the favorites. San Francisco features a tough defense and an explosive offense headed by first-yearer start Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens have hit their stride at just the right time, as they try to help their defensive leader, Ray Lewis, go out on top.

Before the two teams kick off, the much-anticipated singing of the National Anthem and the all-important coin toss will take place. Alicia Keys will do the honor of performing the Star-Spangled Banner for the 47th edition of the Super Bowl.

After taking on the National Anthem as the Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce will step into the spotlight again for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She is expected to do a 12-minute set, that will she perform without the aid of a backing track.

Following the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation will also be televised. The trophy presentation has provided its own share of great moments of the year, and many football fans stick around to watch, even if their team is not the victor.

Complete schedule of the Super Bowl events (all times ET):

6 p.m.: National Anthem featuring Alicia Keys, Coin Toss

6:25 p.m.: Super Bowl kickoff

8:15 p.m. (approximate): Halftime show featuring Beyonce

10 p.m. (approximate): Vince Lombardi Trophy and MVP presentation

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