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Adam Vinatieri is the nicest man alive

The Indianapolis Colts kicker refuses to trash his former team, his lack of Super Bowl MVP trophy or anything else, securing his place as the nicest guy ever.

NEW ORLEANS -- I was determined to get Adam Vinatieri to throw something down on the ground, yell loudly that it was HE WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUPER BOWL MVP in 2002, and eff all the Pats fans who still boo him.

I struck out on all counts. But Vinatieri did reveal a cool story on how an equipment manager secured the game-winning football from his kick against the Rams, how the lack of a length of years the Patriots would offer likely played the biggest role in defecting to the Colts, and if he had one seat left on a road trip, would it go to: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Andrew Luck?

The important questions asked to the nicest guy who just happens to be one of the best kickers in the history of the league.