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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Audi's 'Prom' ad

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Here is a commercial about a minor getting punched in the face and sustaining injury and yelling and driving a car rather quickly!

In this ad, a high school kid is going to the prom by himself. Bummer, bro. But his dad gives him the keys to his Audi. Hell yeah, bro. He cruises to the school and parks in the principal's spot. Hell yeah, bro. He walks straight up to the prom queen and ambushes her with a kiss.

Hell yeah, bro. What you feel like doing at that particular moment is more important than whether or not she wants to be kissed. Hell yeah, bro. She appears to be in a relationship with someone else, and there is no implication offered in this commercial that this is something she would want. Hell yeah, bro. It turns out that she happened to be OK with it, thereby justifying everything. Hell yeah, bro. The commercial closes with, "Bravery. It's what defines us." Hell yeah, bro. The word for just walking up to a woman and kissing her without her consent is apparently, "bravery." Hell yeah, bro.