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Super Bowl commercials: Axe would like to shoot you into space

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A deodorant company would like to send you on a space flight, because we are living in an bizarro parallel of the actual normal universe.

Axe would like to send 22 of you into space. The point of going to space is to impress and attract women. The rest of you get to purchase deodorant. This is the message broadcast by Axe's "Apollo" Super Bowl ad:

If you register via Axe's website, are selected as a finalist, and successfully complete space training, SpaceXC will send you on a sub-orbital spaceflight -- in other words, probably about 62 miles above the Earth's surface. While it's certainly not a deep-space expedition, sub-orbital flight is quick enough to travel from Europe to California in an hour.

It's pretty neat, and it's also interesting to observe how our space travel ambitions have evolved. It amazes me that our first Moon landing preceded the advent of the microprocessor. We went to the Moon with relatively ancient equipment, which underscores how god-dang determined we were to get there. There's still talk of building a base on the Moon, but such a thing is probably decades away, and for now, sub-orbital space tourism is what gets the public's attention. As Carl Sagan said, "I think it would be really nice if we could put people who smelled good in space for a few minutes. I am Carl Sagan. Spaceships."