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Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Pepsi Next, which one consumes via osmosis

Pepsi's 2013 Super Bowl ad features a can of soda so advanced that you don't even have to drink it in order to drink it. That's what we take away from this commercial, anyway.

This Super Bowl, Pepsi offers us a commercial for their Pepsi Next product. It seems like a pretty phenomenal product, given that one apparently doesn't have to open the can before drinking it. Watch at 0:22 as the parents demonstrate a feature that is bound to revolutionize the soft drink industry:

The dad even tilts the can near-sideways to really drive it home. I guess you just consume the soda via wi-fi or something. (By the way, in case it's driving you crazy: you do know the dad's actor. He is John Gardner, and you know him from Hanes' "Bacon Neck" ad.)

Another point of interest: what is going on here?


No idea why that area of the screen is pixelated out; the ad doesn't establish any reason for it. Eh. I'm more interested in seeing whether the cut Pepsi airs includes the kid's bleeped obscenity, which is pretty obviously the F-word.