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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Mercedes, featuring Willem Dafoe's creepy manicure work

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This year's Mercedes Super Bowl ad features Willem Dafoe in the most Willem Dafoe role possible.

I've watched Mercedes' Super Bowl commercial three times now, and I still had to look up the name of the car to remember what the Hell they were advertising. It is the CLA, and it looks like every other car ever because cars in Americans drive in the 21st century are heartless steel bubbles. Its ad features Willem Dafoe as the Devil:

Man, Willem Dafoe has played some creeps over the years. In Speed 2, he was the villain who put leeches all over his body and called them "my babies." In The Boondock Saints, he played the detective who our own Bill Hanstock memorably described as "a gay character written by a guy who had never actually met or seen a gay person." Now we see him as a sharp-fingernailed Satan.


AAAAGH. Imagine those fingernails dragging across a chalkboard. Sideways. You're welcome and I'm sorry.