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eBay Item of the Day: Super Bowl Baseball

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My position on non-baseball players/managers/coaches autographing baseballs has been stated on numerous occasions in this space. I have petitioned a number of legislators to get their help putting an end to this ridiculous practice, so far without success.

However, while it is inappropriate for any non-playing/coaching/managing types to autograph baseballs, I deem it not inappropriate to display such a ball today in the name of relevance. So, because today is what it is, here is a baseball signed by a number of players from the 2012 AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens. Why someone thought it was a good idea to have them sign a baseball (footballs cost too much?) and why they agreed to do it is beyond my ability to comprehend, but I'm glad they did so that this space can stay thematically cohesive with the main sports topic of the day.