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VIDEO: Metta World Peace's sneaky uppercut on Brandon Knight

Metta World Peace knows how to sneak in a jab during a wrestling match. Just ask Brandon Knight.

Metta World Peace knows a thing or two about wrestling matches. If he needs to sneak in a punch while nobody is looking, he's very capable.

On this play, he did just that to Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight. The two got tangled up fighting for a rebound, and instead of immediately removing his arm, World Peace snuck it underneath Knight's and came straight through with an uppercut to Knight's jaw. Knight responded with an elbow punch before the two were separated.

The most entertaining part, though, was how the Pistons broadcasters framed it. Longtime announcer George Blaha deadpanned as he said the following line in an obvious nod to the 2004 Malice at the Palace:

"This building brings out the Ron Artest in Metta World Peace."