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Watch Super Bowl online with free live streaming, All-22 footage from CBS

Watch the Super Bowl online this year, even if you have a television handy. The All-22 footage makes it worth it

Chris Graythen

If you're unable to get to a television for the Super Bowl, or even if you are, there's a fantastic online option to watch the game courtesy of CBS. Yes, you can watch all the standard camera angles with the CBS Super Bowl live-stream, but there's something even better in store this year. And it might be enough to entice you to fire up a computer at your party anyway.

For the football nerd, or anyone who wants to learn more about the game, CBS is showing an All-22 feed on its Super Bowl live-stream. This means you'll be able to see everything, not just the typical zoomed-in camerawork we typically watch on a broadcast. The latter means viewers are playing a game of follow the ball. The former -- the All-22 footage -- grants the ability to watch everything, everywhere, as it happens live.

This, friends, is a big step. All-22 footage is coveted because it allows viewers to see coverages, routes, and watch how the game unfolds and how schemes are implemented. It's a different element -- which may not be for everyone -- that adds value to the broadcast.

So pull up the All-22 footage on the Super Bowl live-stream and give it a shot. You might learn something new in the process.

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