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Super Bowl 47 power outage: Time of stoppage was 33:55, Beyoncé possibly involved

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The lights were out for more than a half-hour in the Superdome. And after they came back, the NFL kinda maybe pointed a finger at Beyoncé.


Super Bowl 47 is back in action, with the Ravens attempting to hold on to a 28-6 lead over the 49ers after a power outage in the Superdome forced the suspension of play. The stoppage lasted 33 minutes and 55 seconds, according to ESPN, with the lights in the stadium needing time to warm back up after being turned off by the outage.

Oh, and it's possible that Beyonce's halftime show is at fault.

Beyoncé's show was heavy on power, and not just from her singing, with a lit stage that changed throughout the performance.

If that last bit turns out to be true, we know two things are officially true: even the Super Bowl was not ready for Beyoncé's jelly, and it ain't Jay-Z who has the power in that relationship.