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Ray Lewis and why you should deal with it

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No matter what you think about Ray Lewis, he just won his second Super Bowl. Now you have to deal with it.

On Sunday night, Ray Lewis put an exclamation point on his storied and almost-certainly Hall of Fame-caliber career as he helped the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII. The linebacker is one of the most polarizing NFL players in history, as his detractors are quick to scream "murderer" or roll their eyes at his insistence that he relies on Christianity for his strength.

And now Lewis has won his second Super Bowl ring, fulfilling his promise that the 2013 Ravens were a team of destiny and reclaiming his place at the pinnacle of the football world in the very last game of his NFL career.

Amid all of the gossip, rumors, hatred, lies, misinformation, deer antler scuttlebutt, digs at his character and at his overt proclamations of faith, Ray Lewis ultimately just has one thing to say to everyone, whether they loved him, hated him, or merely tolerated him:


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