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Quinn Buckner thinks human bowling is the funniest thing ever

You do not love human bowling as much as Quinn Buckner does.

Between the first and second quarters of tonight's Pacers-Hawks game, the folks at Bankers Life Fieldhouse did a little "human bowling" to keep the crowd entertained. Pretty familiar gimmick, although this time they got Pacers play-by-play guy Chris Denari to come out, strap on a helmet, and get slingshot by Boomer the Panther into some man-sized bowling pins. I enjoyed it. Maybe you enjoyed it, too. NONE of us, though, enjoyed it as much as Denari's booth-mate, Quinn Buckner did. Here is a direct quote from Buckner starting at 1:10:


Just unadulterated glee. And why didn't Buckner just go take the pins down himself? "I played football. I've taken my hits." Fair enough.