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Samuel Dalembert had the night of his life in Denver

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A career-high 35 points. I KNOW, RIGHT!?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Nuggets just defeated the Bucks in Denver on a pretty brilliant comeback. That was impressive. No amount of winning, though, will out-impress the game Samuel Dalembert had for Milwaukee. Dalembert-- he of the zero offensive moves and season average of 5.7 points per game-- dropped 35 points in 27 minutes off the bench. THIRTY-FIVE. TWENTY-SEVEN. 1.3 points per minute played. Guys! He dominated the offensive glass (seven of Dalembert's 12 rebounds were off Milwaukee misses) and thrived around the basket, but also connected repeatedly from a few steps outside the paint. Just look at it:


The Bucks failed to feed Dalembert down the stretch, and it may very well have been their undoing. Typing that sentence-- in 2013, mind you, though such a performance has never been within Dalembert's range-- damn near made my computer freeze. If he'd cracked 40, the Pepsi Center would have had to be declared a toxic waste site, unfit for human occupation.

Dalembert's previous career-high for points was his 27-point outing as a Sacramento King back in 2011, and he played just under 39 minutes in that one. Tonight's performance was an anomaly of epic, cosmic proportions.

35 points in 27 minutes. Samuel Dalembert. And the Bucks wasted it, too.