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This Week In GIFs: Emergency NHL session

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Over the last little while, we've fixated so much on American football GIFs that we've left iced hockey by the wayside. Here, we pay tribute to the hockey GIFs we overlooked, and vote on our favorite.

Hello, friends, and welcome to a very special edition of THIS WEEK IN GIFs. Y'all see, over the last little while, we've spend so much time on NFL and college football that we've neglected the other sports. So this week, we have two episodes of THIS WEEK IN GIFs.

My knowledge of hockey is limited. I played NHLPA '93 for the Genesis religiously, and my girlfriend is a fan of the Toronto Senators, but that's really all I have going for me. Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine. Shut up and listen, NHL fans. Some dingus in the American South is going to tell you about your sport.

One note before we proceed: over the history of THIS WEEK IN GIFs, it's been a lot of fun murdering your web browsers via GIF overload, but we've made some browser-friendly technical modifications. From now on, GIFs will only start playing once you click on them. If you're having trouble getting them to play, please yell at me in the comments or on Twitter (@jon_bois).

Oh, and when you're done here, be sure to vote on this week's best NBA GIFs. Oh, and also, here are Matt Ufford, Dan Rubenstein and myself pleading the cases for our favorite GIFs:


(Click to animate. Via The Odd Man Rush)

As Travis Hughes notes, Nail Yakupov, despite being awesome, is criticized on the reg by Edmonton sportswriters for not talking all that much. Here, he had just scored an unbelievable game-tying goal with seconds left, and he got bagged on for this, too. This is because every sportswriter everywhere, regardless of latitude, is a whiny shitty baby. Sports' power to delight and inspire is negligible as compared to its power to reduce grown folks into foot-tall, fretful, joyless lumps of neurons, within circuits ruined, broken and bent, left only to blast their tiny angels of electrical thought-bits on one-way tickets to the star God lives on that instead snap their necks against the spackled ceiling and float to the carpet, dead, and with a wing that twitches.


(Click to animate. Via @GoldAndOrSmith)

it's a horse



(Via The Score)

it's some boogerz



( Via @GoldAndOrSmith)

RAD. "O Canada" is a majestic song that deserves to be sung with 200% of one's fortitude, so good on this guy.

I remember watching the 1991 All-Star Game on TV with my dad when I was a little kid. Since the game was in Toronto that year, they played the Canadian and American national anthems back-to-back. "Listen to that!" my dad exclaimed as "O, Canada" played. "That's an amazing anthem. Kicks the pants out of our anthem." And it did. As the Star-Spangled Banner played, I stumbled on an important realization: our anthem kind of sucks.


(Click to animate. Via @GoldAndOrSmith)

Last month, I wrote a short story about this GIF. All I really have to add is that the Maple Leafs seem like nice enough people, and I like them because I like every sports team by default. Their uniform, though, is stone-cold crappy. For one, if they're going to take imagery from the Canadian flag, how come they ain't red? From Wikipedia:

The Maple Leafs say that blue represents the Canadian skies and white represents snow

hey y'all should have green and brown piping

because of the ground

those some f***in' jammies, son


(Click to animate. Via DC Sports Nexus)

It took me a few times around before I could decide to my satisfaction that this wasn't some sort of trick GIF. Ovi really did make two giant passes behind the net. Yo this post is just about over and while I have the chance I just wanted to say that Fox's glowing-puck animation was really neat-looking and helpful.

VOTE! And when y'all are done, be sure to vote on this week's NBA GIFs.