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Vancouver, Winnipeg likely to host outdoor games

The NHL is in talks with the two cities regarding future Heritage Classic games, according to a report.

Andre Ringuette

The Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks are in talks to host future outdoor games, states a report by Gary Lawless in the Winnipeg Free Press. he NHL's annual Winter Classic has been hosted by American cities ever since the first game in 2008 between the Penguins and Sabres in Buffalo, with 2014 the first year a Canadian team will participate when the Detroit Red Wings host the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The NHL seems to be planning to balance the events out by perhaps making the Heritage Classic -- typically hosted by and featuring Canadian teams -- a bit more of a frequent event.

Per the report in the Free Press, the Vancouver Canucks are in talks with the NHL to host the Heritage Classic in 2014, likely at B.C. Place, while the Jets have been in discussions with the NHL about the Jets hosting the event in 2016 to be held at Investors Group Field.

The new football stadium has yet to be completed and will can hold 40,000 fans with added temporary seating for a hockey game. B.C. Place, in Vancouver. was the Olympic Stadium during the 2010 Winter Olympics and features a cable-supported retractable roof and holds more than 54,000 spectators for football games.

The Calgary Flames hosted the Montreal Canadiens in 2011 in the last Heritage Classic, played two months after the 2011 Winter Classic and was considered a rousing success for the league.