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Arkansas executive details Bobby Petrino firing

John Diamond, Arkansas vice chancellor for university relations, provided more details on the investigation that led to the firing of former Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino.

Kevin C. Cox

Nearly a year after Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino was fired for an affair and cover-up, a Razorbacks executive has provided more details on the investigation. Arkansas vice chancellor for university relations John Diamond gave his insight in a presentation to the Little Rock chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, according to

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Diamond's presentation was entitled "A Hog Tail on the Pig Trail: Jeff, Bobby, Harley and Me." Obviously, the Razorbacks exec doesn't lack a sense of humor, a fact he proved with some jokes during his discussion:

Diamond told jokes, including that in the love triangle the pieces were Petrino, Jessica Dorrell, Petrino's mistress/employee, and the Harley Davidson motorcycle the two were riding before the wreck.

Previous reports revealed that Petrino checked himself into the hospital for injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident that led to his downfall, but Diamond revealed Dorrell suffered injuries, as well. She didn't go to the hospital, and when explaining the bruises and scrapes, she provided a cliched excuse for sudden, questionable wounds:

Diamond reports that Dorrell sustained injuries during the wreck, but didn't seek medical attention and told her co-workers the Monday after the Sunday accident that she had fallen down stairs.

Petrino apparently worked with Arkansas officials for a time during the investigation, but when he realized the school was going to have the audacity to fire the offensive genius, he copped a bit of an attitude:

Petrino reportedly went from cooperative to "making it clear he's Bobby Petrino," Diamond said.

The news began to leak that Petrino was going to be fired, Diamond said, because the coach began telling people "something was going to happen."

Diamond fielded questions following his presentation, and he confirmed something many suspected: In such a bizarre situation, no one was really certain what should have been done:

Diamond was asked if Long had to make the decision to fire Petrino by rule or law. He said it appears that way now, but at the time there was no precedent in college athletics for what had happened or exactly how it was to be handled.

There's really only one thing left to say about this wild story: Woo Pig Sooie!

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