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Selection Sunday was filled with unexpected reactions

We were all ready for some great reactions on Selection Sunday. But I don't think we expected this.

Every year on Selection Sunday, you can look forward to plenty of interesting reactions. As college basketball teams around the country learn of their fate, the magic of satellite hook-ups allows us to glimpse little moments of magic. Be they gathered in their home gym, a Best Buy (for some stupid reason), a fancy hotel room, or just your run-of-the-mill multimillion-dollar workout room with attached media center, hopeful teams are glued to the television, waiting to see what becomes of them.

Sometimes, you'll get some animated reactions. Sometimes, you'll get sedate ones. Sometimes, the assigned cameraman just wants to get a close-up of a broken iPhone. And sometimes you're Gonzaga. What's up, Gonzaga? You just keep being you.

But sometimes ... magical sometimes ... you will be treated to what we saw on this very special Selection Sunday. Please note that the below footage has not been doctored in any way, shape or form.* CBS really captured something spectacular this year. Please watch and enjoy. We sure did!

* This is a lie.

Bonus GIF:


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