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Chasing Cinderella: 2013 March Madness West Region Breakdown

It's time to fill out your brackets, and SB Nation has your complete coverage and commenatary on this year's field. After the release of the bracket Sunday evening, Dan Rubenstein sat down with Coach Nick Hauselman of BBallBreakdown and Rob Manganaro of SB Nation to talk through the tournament, region by region. Here's what the gents had to say about the West Region.

Before you place any wagers on any college basketball action this March, SB Nation Studios has you covered with in-depth breakdowns on each of the four regionals. This time around, the West region is up for debate between Dan Rubenstein, Nick Hauselman and Rob Manganaro in our video series, Chasing Cinderella.

The West region is particularly interesting from the top seed all the way down. Gonzaga is No. 1 but they've taken some hits for a softer schedule and lack of overall familiarity to the public. Playing in Spokane as a member of the West Coast Conference will do that, but the selection committee is well aware of the size, depth and overall talent on the Zags roster.

As for the rest of the West, Ohio State, New Mexico and Kansas State all enjoyed stellar seasons. Will it be enough to take out the Zags? Can another team step up and upset them all? Watch our West regional breakdown and find out.