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NHL general managers to meet in Toronto on Wednesday

The NHL's general managers are expected to meet in Toronto on Wednesday to discuss a varying degree of issues.

Bruce Bennett

The NHL's general managers will be meeting in Toronto this week for their only meeting during the 2013 regular season and will be expected to discuss a varying degree of issues ranging from in-game adjustments to player safety.

According to a report from the New York Times on Monday, some of the main talking points will include potential changes to icing, overtime and the concept of a coach's challenge. In addition, safety issues such as mandatory use of cut-resistant materials and visors will also be on the docket.

Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford stated that hybrid icing is a concept that will be debated. With defensemen expressing their concerns with potential injuries from icing puck chases last year, the general managers will now have the hybrid-icing experiment from 564 American Hockey League games as a point of reference at this year's meeting.

In addition, overtime alterations will be discussed as many are believed to be shying away from the use of the shootout.

In terms of cut-resistant materials and visors, the league is not expected to submit a recommendation to the NHL Players' Association about making the equipment mandatory. The league would need the approval of the NHLPA in order to pass the rule, which is something the union has adamantly opposed.

The general managers' meeting is scheduled to begin on Wednesday and is expected to span approximately six hours.

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