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When Moises Sierra became a household name in Republica Dominicana

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They're calling it the Greatest Catch of 2013, which I suppose it probably is. Whether it will remain the Greatest Catch of 2013 after we're, oh, two or three weeks into April ... well, I've got my doubts. But still, it's pretty impressive (and yes, there were the inevitable Bartman references, but there's not a lot we can do about that) ...

The Dominican left fielder who made the catch is Moisés Sierra, who wasn't even supposed to be in the lineup; later he poked an RBI double, too. In case you're wondering (as I was), Sierra got into 47 games with the Blue Jays last season but didn't hit, at all. His minor-league track record suggests that he'll never hit much, at all. But he'll always have that catch, which will seem all the more important if the Dominicans beat the Puerto Ricans for all the marbles.