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Darren Rovell has hit a new low, which is saying something

The exploration of "Liger" tonight, on 'SportsCenter'!

Courtesy of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

ESPN sports business person Darren Rovell has certainly taken his beatings lately, most notably in the form of a particularly savage Will Leitch takedown a month ago. One thing you cannot deny: the guy knows how to draw the ire of the interwebs, and he may have finally hit a nadir with his tweet earlier today.

Oh great, an Internet "thing" that isn't really a thing and didn't, in any way, shape or form need exploring. Unless Rovell finds a really good financial reason to talk about this, the relationship between a golfer and a skier, then what makes him different from, say, Mario Lopez or Billy Bush? He's officially devolved into gossipy, tabloid schlock. I liked him better when he was trying to be the president of tweeters.

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