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AHLer Andre Deveaux stepped on the face by teammate

Rampage center Andre Deveaux received a serious cut on Tuesday when a teammate accidentally stepped on his face.

Harry How

On Tuesday night, the San Antonio Rampage traveled to Austin to take on the Texas Stars and had just scored to take a 3-1 lead at the 5:37 mark of the second period. On the first faceoff after the score Stars forward Toby Petersen made an aggressive play to steal the puck and then carry the puck into the zone on an odd-man rush.

Play was stopped, however, when it became clear that Rampage center Andre Deveaux was in some serious medical trouble along the boards in the neutral zone.

Deveaux lay on the ice, bleeding profusely from a gash on his head and left a long trail of blood across the ice as he was immediately taken to the locker room to be attended by arena medical staff. Initial replays of the incident appeared to show that Petersen had caught Deveaux with a high stick -- but a closer look revealed a much different reason for the injury.

Warning, this one is gruesome.

Video courtesy of Gavin Wilkinson (@The_RealDeal97)

No penalty was called on the play, although the San Antonio announcers refused to initially accept that Deveaux had been cut by a skate blade and called for a four-minute minor on Petersen. The cut was definitely from the skate, as Deveaux was sent to the hospital to repair the cut he received.

Deveaux was a late-round pick by the Canadiens in 2002 and has spent most of his career in the NHL. In 31 NHL games, mostly with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the 29-year old center has just two assists.

The good news is that Deveaux's injury was not severe enough to keep him in the hospital overnight.

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