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Arian Foster 'not a fan' of NFL rule changes

The NFL implemented new rules regarding how running backs can make contact with defenders, and Arian Foster isn't too keen on the changes.

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Speaking to Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN Radio New York, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster expressed his displeasure with the NFL's new rules on contact allowed by ball-carriers.

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The NFL's competition committee recently passed a rule that prohibits a ball-carrier from initiating contact with the crown of his helmet. The rule is designed with player safety in mind and intended to cut down on the number of head and neck injuries, and while Foster said his running style wouldn't be affected all that much, he doesn't favor the changes:

"We've been running like this since we were kids. ... They want us to change that mentality in one offseason, it's gonna be tough. I was never a fan of all the defensive rule changes also - where you can't lead with your helmet or the facemask - because guys have been tackling like this for years. I was never a fan of that, and I'm definitely not a fan of this."

Foster may not be a fan of the new rules, but he sees the need to adjust if they're going to be in place. The Texan said any player that refuses to adapt his running style is putting himself over his team:

"I think if you say, ‘I'm gonna do what I gotta do,' I think you're being selfish and I think you're gonna hurt your team like that, because you could have a 20-yard run and you get a 15-yard penalty because you led with the crown of your head and that brings your team back."

Foster has been among the NFL's best running backs since his breakout 2010 season. Since then, the three-time Pro Bowler has played in 45 regular-season games, compiling 4,264 yards and 41 touchdowns. In 2012, Foster finished with 1,424 yards and 15 scores, and he had 230 yards and two TDs in two playoff games.

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