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CBS, Big East reach deal for basketball

The soon-to-be-renamed Big East conference will keep its biggest basketball telecasts on CBS.

Jim McIsaac

Whatever the Big East's new name will be, it will play its games on familiar television networks.

Weeks after ESPN matched an NBC offer to keep the conference's football and basketball rights, the old Big East (which is currently considering new names) reached a long-term agreement with CBS Sports, who will have first choice for conference basketball games between now and the 2019-20 season. Men's basketball will appear on CBS up to 12 times per season. CBS usually broadcasts college basketball on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

"CBS Sports has been a partner of the Big East for 30 years," said Sean McManus, the chairman of CBS Sports. "As the conference enters into a new and exciting era, we are proud to continue our relationship and showcase the conference's best games."

"We are delighted to be extending the historic and successful relationship that we have enjoyed with CBS Sports since 1983," added Big East commissioner Mike Aresco. "This agreement further illustrates the excitement and anticipation that surround the re-invention of our Conference, and it will provide our fans across the country the opportunity to watch our games on network television."

This all but finishes off the uncertainties when it comes to television for both the old and new Big East. The reformed conference recently agreed to a 12-year contract with Fox Sports for its priority sport, basketball.