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A wonderful life for a fine old ballpark

Well, this is pretty fantastic news out of Indianapolis:

In Indianapolis, the minor league baseball team known as the Indians hasn’t played at the old Bush Stadium, on the city’s near-west side, since a new stadium opened downtown in 1996. The old 1931 art deco ballpark has been left to languish.

Underscoring that abandonment has been the aging field’s recent use as a storage depot for thousands of outdated cars left over from the federal Cash for Clunkers program.

But now Bush Stadium is getting back in the game: A creative adaptive reuse project will fill its grandstand not with fans but with loft apartments.

Here's the ballpark filled with clunkers. But that won't be our enduring image of Bush Stadium's next life, as instead it seems we'll have a happy ending to this story. Leaving aside its historical significance as a longtime minor-league ballpark, Bush is also cinematically significant, as it stood in for both Comiskey Park and Crosley Field in Eight Men Out.

And I can say, without any reservation, that if I lived in Indianapolis this is where I would want to live. Hands down.

Hat Tip: C.J. Nitkowski