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LeBron James whines about foul calls after Chicago snaps Heat's winning streak

The Heat had their streak snapped, but LeBron James was complaining about something else after the buzzer sounded in Chicago on Wednesday night.


LeBron James wasn't very pleased after the Miami Heat lost, 101-97, to the Chicago Bulls. It wasn't just a normal loss -- the game snapped Miami's 27-game winning streak. That alone would make most people a little annoyed once they had to talk to the media afterwards. But LeBron was upset about something else as well.

There were several plays in Wednesday night's game that saw Chicago players commit somewhat aggressive fouls on the Miami Heat's superstar small forward. None of those plays were called flagrant fouls. And LeBron thought that some of those plays were a little too aggressive for the game of basketball.

I feel bad for you, LeBron. I really, really do.

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