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Lauren Silberman tries out at NY/NJ regional combine; unimpressive in kickoffs

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Headlines were made last week when it was announced that a woman would try out during an NFL regional combine, but unfortunately, things did not end well for her on Sunday.


Lauren Silberman is a 28-year old former soccer player, and on Sunday, she became the first woman to ever try out for an NFL team. She headed up to the New York Jets' practice facility where a regional combine was being held, and hoped to impress team scouts with her kicking ability. While she has never played football before, she has stated that her love of playing and studying video games would hopefully give her an advantage.

What happened, though, was not what she had in mind. Silberman had hoped to hammer out 60-yard field goals, but, unfortunately, this happened in her first kickoff attempt, which went 15 yards.


Credit to @MikeGarafolo for video.

There are a few members of the media covering this, naturally, and there seems to be some question about whether Silberman injured herself after the first kick.

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