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Big East could poll social media for new conference name

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Because everything else about Big East realignment is absurd, the conference may seek the Internet's advice when it chooses a new name.

Stacy Revere

The Big East is looking for a new name, and leadership is considering a poll of social media to choose it, according to CBS Sports's Jeremy Fowler. This is certainly a sound move for the embattled athletic league, as the Internet is a serious place and no one ever makes jokes ever.

In fact, a quick response to Fowler's initial report on Twitter shows the earnest, businesslike attitude taken on the World Wide Web:

A quick search on Twitter, an upstanding network of level-headed adults interested only in rational solutions to pressing matters, provides several options the conference may want to consider before opening up the poll. The hashtag "#NewBigEastNames" has been employed by many sober-minded users, and the intent brainstorming session has come up with such legitimate options as "'Meh' Schools," "The All-ACC Rejects," "April Fool's Day" and "Conference"

Clearly, the Internet is living up to its sterling reputation for no-nonsense deliberation. With such astute leadership and decision-making at a conference that has successfully added a number of schools in recent years -- with only a few minor hiccups -- it's obvious that the soon-to-be-renamed athletic coalition will thrive for many years to come.

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