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Vin Scully professes befuddlement with hashtags, television networks catering to dogs

"Between you and me: What in the world is hashtag?"

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Stephen Dunn

No matter who you root for or even which sport is your favorite, we all have to admit that no one has ever done it better than Mr. Vin Scully. That said, he turned 85 in November, and there are certain modern things ol' Vin doesn't quite get.

Scully was presenting Prime Ticket's (the Dodgers' local television network) Twitter question of the night. The question was whether you'd rather watch a game in a hitter's park or a pitcher's park. You were supposed to answer with a hashtag to begin your response, and that got Vin going for a few minutes on some great material that included confusion with Twitter, and the newly-announced DogTV network. No, really, that's a thing now. I see you're just as confused as Vin is. Here's Vin's explanation of it.

He also wonders if cats will be allowed to watch it. The high comedy of the entire bit is when the Prime Ticket production crew cuts to a bunch of Petco signs at Petco Park in San Diego. Ah, Vin Scully, never ever change.

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