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Jay-Z drops a freestyle about his Nets ownership to address the dweebs

The haters are chirping after Jay-Z traveled to Cuba, rumors are swirling that Jay-Z will sell his $350,000 share in the Nets, and it was time for Jay to silence the peanut gallery.

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Larry Busacca

Here's how Jay-Z's Cuba/Nets/Zoolander freestyle happened this week (via):

In a morning call on New York's Hot 97, Swizz revealed that the song was started in Jay-Z's office. "I had the portable drum machine with me, then we went down to the 40/40 [club] to watch the game," he said. "Then [Timbaland] came by and was like, 'That beat is crazy.' Next morning, Jay called me with verses."

You can listen to the song here. Now, a few important points.

1. Since Jay-Z is still technically an owner of the Brooklyn Nets, we need to state the obvious point in all this. Professional sports needs more owners who are friends with Swizz Beatz. Looking RIGHT AT YOU, Bud Adams.

2. In addition to Barack Obama telling Jay-Z that Jay's recent trip to Cuba is going to get him impeached and Jay telling Barack to calm down and come chill on the beach, the song includes these lyrics addressing the rumors of his impending decision to forfeit his shares in the Nets:

"I woulda brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free
Except I made millions off you f--king dweebs
I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seats
You buy that bullsh-t, you better keep your receipts."

These lines were the subject of considerable debate in the SB Nation newsroom. So, what do we make of this? Some contend he's denying the rumors that he's selling anything. I tend to think it's pretty clear he's confirming those rumors, but pointing out that he made millions off a $350,000 investment in the Nets, and he's still keeping his courtside seats and influence at Barclays.

3. Which brings us to another matter: To everyone mocking how little Jay-Z actually owned of the Nets, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. He owned 1/15th of one percent, and still convinced everyone (read: all you f***king dweebs) that he owned the team. That is the ultimate hustle. Especially considering his association with the Nets netted him God knows how many other million dollar deals.

4. What's cooler? Owning a team, or owning a team with someone else's money?

5. #Illuminati.

6. Jay also raps, "the new role model, f**k this Zoolander shit." We have no idea what this means, or who exactly he's dissing, but we appreciate any/all Zoolander references in our scornful freestyles by NBA owners. Now we just need Hov to hop on this remix real quick.

UPDATE: God Bless America.