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Capitals vs. Lightning: Mike Green's shot shatters Nate Thompson's visor

Thompson suffered a bad cut on the play.

Greg Fiume

WARNING: Both the video and a GIF contain blood. If you're squeamish, read at your own risk.

Thank goodness Nate Thompson wears a visor, or else a scary play on Saturday could've been ten times as dangerous.

With the Caps on a power play, Mike Green set up at the point and fired a laser towards the net. It elevated quickly and poor Nate Thompson couldn't get out of the way in time.


It looks like he moved his head into a position where the puck hit the side of his visor, causing it to come flying off. If he hadn't been wearing a visor then it could've hit his temple. Luckily Thompson was able to skate off, but the cut to his face was pretty bad.

LAST WARNING! Blood droplet GIF below.


Yeesh. It looks like Thompson will be okay after some stitching up, but it could've been much worse if he hadn't have worn a visor.

Just look at what's left of his face shield:

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