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Quentin vs. Greinke: A Concise History


It seems like after a day or so, the consensus switched to realizing that maybe what happened the other night wasn't completely Carlos Quentin's fault. Especially when you really dig into the history, as South Side Sox's Jim Margalus has:

Quentin says it goes back to 2009, and Sox fans may remember it. On April 8, Greinke threw a fastball over Quentin's head during his first plate appearance, then drilled him during the second. Quentin took a few steps toward the mound before umpire Bill Hohn and catcher Miguel Olivo intervened. In Greinke's second start against the Sox that year, he came high and tight again with the first pitch to knock Quentin off the plate.

That's when we started to notice that Ozzie Guillen stopped taking action when pitchers recklessly threw inside to White Sox hitters. It was a problem that plagued the Sox over those next three seasons, with a grossly lopsided HBP imbalance that included a number of hand injuries for the Sox, and a pitch to the face, too. Guillen could only respond with shrugs.

None of which completely excuses Quentin. But sometimes it's very good to remember that almost everything that happens in baseball happens within some sort of broader context.