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New Boston Marathon explosion video shows chaotic scene at finish line has posted video of the Marathon finish line capturing the moment at which the explosions occured (WARNING: Video contains graphic footage)

The 2013 Boston Marathon came to an horrifying end on Monday afternoon when two explosions went off near the finish line in the Copley Square area in downtown Boston. More details and first-hand accounts have emerged on the explosions, including a video posted to, the website affiliated with the Boston Globe. The video records the moment when the blasts went off near the finish line. Here's a link to that video (WARNING: Video contains graphic footage).

Both blasts occurred within a minute of each other near the traditional finish line on Boylston Street in the Back Bay section of Boston. In addition to the runners, the area was crowded with spectators, many of whom were seated in nearby grandstands set up along the road at the finish line. Boston Police are still investigating the source of the explosions, but they have confirmed that at least two are dead, with many more injured.