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Boston Marathon explosions: New York Police increase Times Square security in response

In response to Monday afternoon's explosions in Boston, the NYPD has increased security, including a significant presence in Times Square.

While the details of multiple explosions are still being investigated in downtown Boston, New York Police have increased security throughout the city, particularly in Time Square. Police cars and patrolmen have blanketed the area, taking extra precaution. Here's a photo of the scene from above, via Andrew Seaman of Reuters:

Here's another photo from Jordan Cohen, a communications associate with the New York Times:

The NYPD and city authorities immediately increased security once reports came out of the explosions in Boston.

Two blasts occurred at the marathon finish line shortly before 3 p.m. ET, and reports quickly spread of the tragic incident in Boston's Copley Square. Boston police confirmed at least two have died from the blasts, which occurred in a crowded area with both runners and spectators along the finish line on Boylston Street.