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Geddy Lee throwing out the first pitch for the Blue Jays

Then there was the day Geddy Lee threw out the first pitch before R.A. Dickey took the mound to the Imperial March. Looks like some nerd blew out all of his birthday candles.

It's Opening Night in Toronto, and they had a huge ceremony before the game. There was a 6,000' x 4,000' Canadian flag, J.A. Happ's picture on the scoreboard -- the works. And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start the game with a ceremonial first pitch. That meant Canadian icon Geddy Lee walking out to the mound with a man in a gigantic bird costume:

And here Lee is throwing the first pitch. You'd think he'd be uncomfortable in the limelight ...

... but he throws a strike, exhibiting grace under pressure. Those are Rush jokes. And because it's always appropriate, here's Geddy Lee swinging a bat in an Angels uniform.


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