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David Ortiz ends Red Sox pregame ceremony in perfect fashion

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Jim Rogash

The Boston Red Sox ended their tribute to the city of Boston, the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and the brave service men and women with an a capella version of the National Anthem, sang by the fans in attendance.

At the end of the National Anthem, Red Sox longtime designated hitter David Ortiz took the microphone and spoke to the crowd, letting them know how he felt about the town he's called home the past nine seasons.

"This is our f------ city," Ortiz said into the microphone as the crowd erupted into cheers. "And no one is going to dictate our freedom.

"Stay strong," Ortiz ended.

It was the perfect ending to the ceremony, especially in Boston. The city has endured a lot over the past week and getting back to some form of normalcy is long needed, and one of the best ways to get back to that is with sports.

Update: In case anyone wonders, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is not concerned about the language: