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2013 NFL power rankings: 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos are the NFL's elite

SB Nation's NFL bloggers ranked all 32 NFL teams in the NFL, coming up with the power rankings below. We found out which blogs were realistic about their team, which ones were homers and who was more pessimistic about their team than others. Which teams are the NFL's best right now, according to SB Nation bloggers? Check out the rankings below.

Ezra Shaw

There is turnover in the NFL every single season. Roughly half of the NFL's playoff teams won't be back the following year. Despite that, all of the participating SB Nation blogs had at least nine of last year's playoff teams in their top 12. That probably won't end up happening this season.

Plenty will change between now and the 2013 season -- like, uh, the NFL Draft, which is kind of important -- but this tells us how our SB Nation bloggers view the NFL one day before the NFL Draft.

1. 49ers

Average: 1.9 | Highest: 1 | Lowest: 5

There's little question the 49ers are the best team. All but two blogs had the 49ers ranked in the top three following their Super Bowl loss to the Ravens. Returning a number of starters, and armed with the most picks in the draft, the 49ers could stay in this spot for a while.

2. Seahawks

Average: 2.7 | Highest: 1 | Lowest: 8

Ten of our blogs ranked the Seahawks No. 1. Gang Green Nation, our Jets blog, ranked them lowest at No. 8. The Seahawks are young and got better in free agency with the addition of Percy Harvin.

3. Broncos

Average: 3.0 | Highest: 1 | Lowest: 7

Homer alert: Mile High Report was one of two blogs to rank the Broncos No. 1. They may not have the same window as the 49ers or Seahawks in the coming years, but they're as strong as any team in the AFC this year.

4. Patriots

Average: 4.3 | Highest: 1 | Lowest: 8

Buffalo Rumblings, our Bills blog and rival to the Patriots, ranked New England No. 1, the only blog to do so.

5. Falcons

Average: 5.3 | Highest: 2 | Lowest: 8

The Falcoholic almost nailed it, ranking their own team No. 4. The Falcons showed last year that they're right on the door step of the NFC's elite.

6. Packers

Average: 5.8 | Highest: 4 | Lowest: 7

Most are in agreement with the Packers -- everyone ranked them between No. 4 and No. 7. I'm surprised to see no one ranked them in the top three given they have one of, if not the best, quarterbacks in the game.

7. Ravens

Average: 7.1 | Highest: 1 | Lowest: 13

Homer alert: Baltimore Beatdown ranked their own team No. 1, the highest ranking for the Ravens. Despite winning the Super Bowl, the Ravens were ranked No. 13 by our Saints blog.

8. Texans

Average: 8.3 | Highest: 4 | Lowest: 14

The Texans were all over the place. Our Chargers blog, Bolts From The Blue, ranked them No. 4 overall while two others, our Bucs and Bengals blogs, ranked them No. 14.

9. Bengals

Average: 11.3 | Highest: 8 | Lowest: 15

Non-homer alert: Our Bengals blog, Cincy Jungle, ranked the Bengals No. 11 while their average lands them at No. 9.

10. Giants

Average: 11.4 | Highest: 7 | Lowest: 16

A little Manning vs. Manning rivalry. Mile High Report, the one with the elder Manning, ranked the Giants lower than anyone else at No. 16.

11. Colts

Average: 12.0 | Highest: 8 | Lowest: 21

Big disagreement with the Colts. The Falcohlic isn't so keen on the other great young quarterback, ranking the Colts No. 21.

12. Redskins

Average: 12.3 | Highest: 8 | Lowest: 25

This is how blog rivalries start. Battle Red Blog, our Texans blog, ranked the Redskins 25th! That's nine spots lower than the next blog. Leave it to the Raiders to save them with Silver and Black Pride ranking Washington No. 8.

13. Saints

Average: 12.4 | Highest: 7 | Lowest: 21

Homer alert: Canal Street Chronicles ranked their own team higher than anyone else at No. 7.

14. Bears

Average: 12.7 | Highest: 6 | Lowest: 19

Bucs Nation and Blogging The Boys ranked the Bears No. 6 and No. 7, respectively. Do they know something we don't?

15. Steelers

Average: 14.8 | Highest: 9 | Lowest: 22

The Steelers missed the playoffs last year, somewhat of a rarity. The Steelers will be the same as they always are, competitive throughout the season. We'll see if their draft strategy changes after losing Mike Wallace this offseason.

16. Cowboys

Average: 16.5 | Highest: 12 | Lowest: 22

Blogging The Boys ranked themselves No. 13, the second-highest ranking. Dallas couldn't do much this offseason -- besides paying Tony Romo a lot of money -- due to salary cap issues.

17. Vikings

Average: 16.5 | Highest: 10 | Lowest: 24

18. Rams

Average: 19.0 | Highest: 12 | Lowest: 27

Big disagreement: Our Chargers blog ranked them No. 12. Our Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit, ranked them No. 27.

19. Dolphins

Average: 19.1 | Highest: 11 | Lowest: 24

The Dolphins were big spenders in free agency. Will it pay off in the tough AFC East?

20. Lions

Average: 20.4 | Highest: 14 | Lowest: 27

Ranking the Lions 27th seems a little low -- what's up with that, Field Gulls?

21. Buccaneers

Average: 21.0 | Highest: 15 | Lowest: 26

Homer alert: Bucs Nation ranked their own team higher than anyone else.

Note: This ranking was done pre-Darrelle Revis trade. Not that he would change a lot with the Bucs pick, but it could factor in.

22. Panthers

Average: 21.6 | Highest: 17 | Lowest: 28

The Panthers could go either way. Cam Newton is entering his third season in the NFL and that's typically the season when players break out (if they're ever going to break out). Well, Newton's first two seasons could already be considered his break out seasons. Which way will Carolina go?

23. Chargers

Average: 22.3 | Highest: 17 | Lowest: 30

Our Texans blog, Battle Red Blog, views San Diego as the third-worst team in the NFL. Philip Rivers has struggled with turnovers in recent years. Will that trend continue? The Chargers season depends on it.

24. Eagles

Average: 23.8 | Highest: 16 | Lowest: 30

Bolts From The Blue has Philly as the NFL's third-worst team. They're probably the most unknown team right now given the new head coach and the uncertainty at quarterback.

25. Chiefs

Average: 24.4 | Highest: 20 | Lowest: 32

That's me! I ranked the Chiefs No. 20. Battle Red Blog's ranking of the Chiefs at No. 15 is among the greatest individual ranking differences in all of our power rankings.

26. Browns

Average: 26.0 | Highest: 18 | Lowest: 31

The trash talking begins. Baltimore Beatdown, AFC North rival to Dawgs By Nature, ranks the Browns No. 30.

27. Titans

Average: 26.3 | Highest: 18 | Lowest: 30

Only two blogs had them ranked higher than No. 24. Seems most of us are in agreement that they're in the bottom third of the league right now.

28. Cardinals

Average: 26.5 | Highest: 21 | Lowest: 30

All four NFC West blogs, including Revenge Of The Birds, ranks them No. 25 or below.

29. Bills

Average: 28.6 | Highest: 25 | Lowest: 31

Buffalo Rumblings is realistic. They put Buffalo at No. 28. It's interesting that no one ranks them worst in the NFL despite such agreement on how low they are.

30. Jets

Average: 28.9 | Highest: 20 | Lowest: 32

Six blogs say the Jets are the worst team in the NFL. It was the Cowboys blog who ranked them No. 20, which was the highest individual ranking difference on the list.

31. Raiders

Average: 30.5 | Highest: 26 | Lowest: 32

Homer alert: Silver and Black Pride ranks their team No. 26, highest of anyone.

32. Jaguars

Average: 30.9 | Highest: 28 | Lowest: 32

At least the folks at Big Cat Country are realistic. They agree the Jags are the NFL's worst team.

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