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Ron Darling has beef with the 'jabronis' who cover the NFL Draft

The former pitcher and current broadcaster was a bit miffed about all the draft hype, and he said so on air this afternoon.


Ron Darling is one of my favorite baseball analysts on television. He's smart, logical and funny in a two-man booth with Gary Cohen or a three-man booth when Keith Hernandez joins in. It's obvious why TBS uses him for its playoff coverage.

Today's game on SNY (the home of the Mets on TV in New York) between New York and the Dodgers featured riffs on "Dodgeball," Darling's fellow Hawaiian-born major leaguers, and lastly, a rant about the guys who cover the NFL Draft, which featured an old wrestling catchphrase from Ron. Cohen and Darling were talking about SNY pre-empting a potential game broadcast featuring Met pitching prospect Zack Wheeler because of NFL Draft coverage and, well ... this happened.

Ouch, you've been Darling'd, NFL Draft gurus! Nobody's safe.