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Dogs doing tricks return at halftime of Warriors vs. Nuggets

The only thing better than NBA playoff basketball? Dogs doing crazy things.

Remember when those awesome trained circus dogs did the halftime show during the game between the Thunder and the Rockets last week? Well they are back. I love the NBA playoffs, but even as one of the world's biggest basketball fans, I'd probably rather watch these crazy dogs do crazy things for hours upon hours.

This is the James Bond of dogs. I want this dog to do secret missions for me.


Oh and here's a dog riding a scooter because apparently that is a thing that can happen now. WHERE DO I GET A DOG THAT CAN RIDE ON A SCOOTER?


Did I mention that Tony Allen (yes, THAT Tony Allen) wants the dogs to come to Memphis to perform during a halftime show? Everything about these dogs is the best.

This also gives me an idea for a reality TV show where Tony Allen lives with super talented dogs and tries to teach them to play basketball and stuff. Somebody needs to make this happen.

Also: dogs dancing in a wagon and dogs rolling on a wheel!