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Ryan Hollins, Michael Beasley, Goran Dragic involved in scuffle at Clippers-Suns games

Tempers flared in Wednesday night's game at the Staples Center. Two Clippers were ejected due to a fracas.

A scuffle broke out late in Wednesday night's game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. The brouhaha started when Ryan Hollins grabbed Goran Dragic around the throat on an inbound pass, as seen here:


Hollins didn't appreciate Dragic playing tight defense on him and dragged him toward the Suns bench on the play.


Things escalated from there, as both teams engaged in an impromptu scrum. In the ensuing scuffle, Michael Beasley of the Suns attempted to retaliate and threw a punch at Hollins.


When order was restored, both Beasley and Hollins were ejected from the game. Hollins was called for a flagrant foul, while Beasley received a technical. Hollins, as to be expected, received support from the home crowd, including a standing ovation as he left the court.


Dragic was awarded free throws on the flagrant 2. The Clippers had a healthy lead at the time of the incident. It is possible that fines could be on the way for both Hollins and Beasley.