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This Week In GIFs: Whatcha doin' there, professional athletes and their fans?

Basketball and hockey have been here a while, and now baseball has returned. We're entering prime GIF season, friends. Vote, and help us determine the best of the week.

Welp, we made it to baseball season, and we should be prepared to be GIF-spoiled over the coming months. Even those of us who hate baseball ought to delight in the profoundly dumb, funny shenanigans and bullshit that populate the sport of baseball and are easily distilled in GIF form. Indeed, baseball might be the quintessential GIF sport.

Tech note: if the GIFs ain't GIFfin', you might need to hover the cursor over them to make them animate.

It's extremely dangerous to attempt to view animated GIFs without first watching a video about them. Please listen as Matt Ufford, Dan Rubenstein, and myself tell you how to feel about these GIFs:

Voting, as usual, will remain open until 11 p.m. Sunday. Enjoy!



(Via @bubbaprog)

Whatcha doin' there, A.J. Burnett?

bumpin a rosin bag against m'butt

What for, A.J. Burnett?

so as to thwart butt viscosity

Oh no, A.J. Burnett! Your rosin bag has burst!

oh well. good for the grass

No it isn't, A.J. Burnett!




(Via Chad Moriyama)

Whatcha doin' there, fan who is yelling and brandishing a bat?


Whatcha doin' there, uncomfortable-looking fan seated directly to his left?

never taking English Professor Bud Selig to a baseball game again


(Via Guyism)

Whatcha doin' there, kid?


Whatcha doin' there, lady at far left?

applauding in apparent disregard of the developments around my person

What are you applauding, lady at far left?

the mere fact of existence, in perpetuity

That's a great thing to applaud, lady at far left!

indeed. it's tempting to think of life as an inevitability, when in truth, even given the infinite number of planets and celestial bodies in the universe, it remains no less staggeringly improbable that life came to be, much less the sort of life with an intellect capable of understanding how it came to be

How you doin' over there, kid?




(Via Mike Axisa at Eye On Baseball)

Whatcha doin' there, Hyun-Jin Ryu?

not givin' a damn

But it's your Major League debut, Hyun-Jin Ryu! You should make an effort!

this is baseball, not basketball. what're you, new here



Whatcha doin' there, Shane Battier's imaginary friend?

catching his bounce pass. also, proposing to him that we go exploring in the woods tomorrow and build a fort

That sounds like a lot of fun, Shane Battier's imaginary friend!

it really isn't. dude's a square

I'm sorry to hear that!

his idea of building a fort is just putting a sleeping bag upside down and standing in the middle of the woods

That doesn't sound very much like a fort!

every once in a while he'll yell "FORT!" really loud. i'm like, son, you ain't foolin nobody


Whatcha doin' there, everybody?

havin a good time, havin fun, just goin out there and enjoyin ourselves, bein good teammates, celebrating, telling each other you did a good job, havin a ball, just going out there and playin hard and takin it out and choppin it up and havin a good old time out there



Whatcha doin' there, Jacub Kindl?

just scorin on m'own goal

What is the objective of hockey, Jacub Kindl?

to score on m'opponent's g-