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One Whining Moment: SB Nation's NCAA Tournament Montage

"One Shining Moment" is great, but we're sadistic jerks. Here's our montage, "One Whining Moment," a celebration of NCAA Tournament failure and sadness.

Congratulations, Louisville! You're the national champions!

Unfortunately, that means the 67 other teams in the NCAA Tournament ended their years with losses. CBS' awesome, sentimental season-ending montage devotes about 2:55 to the highlights and elation of the NCAA Tournament -- buzzer-beaters, players having the times of their lives, the celebrating champions, etc. That's great and all, and we love it. Then there'll be like, 15 seconds of people looking depressed and crying, to remind you that people get emotional.

But we here at SB Nation are sick, twisted souls. And as such, we've decided to take a few minutes to focus on the agony of defeat and forget about that thrill of victory thing.

Here's our alternative March Madness montage, entitled ONE WHINING MOMENT, where we can look at sad players and sad fans being sad while listening to sad music, mixed in with some of the NCAA's worst shots and game-winners gone awry.