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Houston Rockets win on buzzer-beater goaltending by Jermaine O'Neal

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The Houston Rockets escaped with an improbable win against the Phoenix Suns. James Harden missed the buzzer-beater three, but a wild finish gave Houston a ridiculous win. You have to see this.

Scott Halleran

I never expected to write that headline. This is probably one of the strangest ways for a game to end. James Harden takes the potential game-winning three as time expires. Harden clearly misses the shot, but the Phoenix Suns' Jermaine O'Neal swats the ball off the rim before it's out of the cylinder. The ruling is a goaltending and, therefore, the bucket counts.

The Houston Rockets walk away with a 101-98 victory. Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns complete one of the most epic, creative, and downright amazing tank-jobs in NBA history. If the Suns win the NBA Draft Lottery due to one spot in the standings, everybody in Phoenix needs to give Jermaine O'Neal a big hug.

Is that the craziest ending to a game this season? I can't recall something crazier. The Rockets got an absolute gift and the Suns are surely steaming mad. But once they look at those lottery odds, the Suns' front office will probably feel just a bit better. Maybe O'Neal did that on purpose. Or maybe he just didn't want to play five minutes of overtime.

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