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Rep. Steve King: Obama fails to congratulate Tebow for being Christian, erodes Western civilization

It's been a good ride, everyone.

Kevin C. Cox

Here, Representative Steve King wonders why President Obama called Jason Collins to congratulate him for coming out, but didn't call Tim Tebow to congratulate him for being a Christian.

Listen for his, "we have a professional athlete who says he's going to announce his sexuality." Jason Collins is the Hollywood Squares contestant and Steve King is the man sitting at home, toe-knuckles digging into the shag carpet in rage, mumbling his disappointment through a room-temperature Pop-Tart. Anyway, we are all going to die:

And one notch at a time, [...] American civilization, American culture, Western civilization, Western Judeo-Christiandom, are eroded, and they're carrying out a plan that has been put in place, and thought out and advocated for almost, now, about 90 years ago.

Citizens of Iowa, if you do not want this man to represent you, don't bother voting him out. Just make a scary face and say "oogie boogie boogie" and he'll run away.