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2013 NBA Playoffs: Pacers vs. Heat recap in GIFs

The Heat took down the Pacers in Game 3. If you missed any of the action, catch up with these GIFs.

Gregory Shamus

This really wasn't much of a contest. The Miami Heat absolutely destroyed the Indiana Pacers, scoring 70 points in the first half and never looking back. Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals was basically summed up with this GIF of Mario Chalmers throwing the ball off Roy Hibbert's head.


The Miami Heat just took a sledgehammer to the Pacers on their homecourt. It was never a contest -- except for when the Heat were seemingly competing for some acting awards.


Who flopped better? LeBron or D-Wade? Of course, it didn't matter because the Heat walked away with a 114-96 victory in Game 3.


But seriously, this game was just summed up by LeBron James' domination in the paint. He posted up the Pacers at every opportunity and there was nothing that Paul George could do about it.


Overall, the Pacers were just sad. The team was sad and the fans were sad. Especially sad? Indiana Pacers spiderman guy.