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#Panquake: Thoughts on settling in

I've been at SB Nation for more than a year, and Bill just had to walk me through what to click to update a StoryStream. "I've got pancakes on my brain," I explained.

Through the first hour, Bill and I were both on pace to consume somewhere around 240 pancakes. This turned out to be a pace that was considerably less than sustainable, and as we work though Hour Four, things have slowed down. Bill's taken to lifting the pancake by hand and taking large bites, while I'm experimenting with angling the fork such that it produces an optical illusion tricking me into thinking I'm eating less than I am. Results are mixed.

Bill stands at 10 flapjacks, I'm at nine. We've got 20 hours to go, hangouts with rad guests lined up, and we'll keep to Twitter (@Sundownmotel and @Sorryeveryone), Instagram (@Sundownmotel and @Sorry_Everyone) and Vine to keep everyone updated. We're just shy of 75 percent of the way to our goal, so thank you to everyone who donated, especially the very generous folks at Denny's. If you haven't, head over to Crowdrise and see what you can do.