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The #Panquake overnight video diary

We came, we saw, we ate pancakes. What a long, strange trip it was.

On Tuesday, Pete Holby and I set out to eat as many pancakes as we could in 24 hours. This feat of ... whatever ... was in order to raise money for Laura's House, a wonderful charity in Orange County, Calif. 24 hours and not quite 50 pancakes later, we managed to reach our fundraising goal.

Speculation flew fast and furious about how many pancakes a human being could consume in 24 hours, but most guesses -- including our own -- vastly overshot the grim reality of the situation. I ate 24 pancakes, while Pete took down 22 ... and we were pushing ourselves. Our spirits were willing, but the pancakes were incredibly dense and thick and oh my goodness no more pancakes please I beg of you.

We couldn't be happier to have done this very dumb thing for a very good cause, though, because It was a fantastic experience (except for the times we thought we were going to explode) that was enhanced by all the wonderful people who assisted and supported us.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who tuned in and especially to everyone who donated. We'd like to send our sincere thanks to Denny's for their support from top to bottom. We'd like to thank Laura's House for providing much-needed services and being a positive force for change. We'd also like to thank our guests and friends who stopped by, whether in person or via hangout.

If you missed any of the live video hangouts, photos, Vines or anything else that went on during the event, the full FLAPJACKALYPSE StoryStream is here.

You can also still donate to the cause by clicking here.

Thanks again to everyone. We'll see you in September, when we eat too many tacos.