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Yasiel Puig makes diving catch, nearly collides with Andre Ethier

Luckily it was only an almost collision, so you don't need to cringe while watching these GIFs.


Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig plays an all-out style of baseball, one that has endeared the Cuban-born rookie to the masses in his first couple of weeks in the majors. His teammate Andre Ethier is not a center fielder, but has assumed the role of one in the absence of Matt Kemp. When you combine these two items together, you get exciting -- but scary -- moments like this one from Sunday's contest against the San Diego Padres:


Luckily, Ethier was just far enough behind Puig that this is stayed a near collision, instead of an actual one. The Dodgers have enough roster problems without losing one or both of these players to injury from something as simple as neither of them calling for the ball.

If you like your near-collision GIFs to have a bit more surprise to them, then this zoomed-in look is probably more your speed than the above.


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