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Chesneywatch: Kenny Chesney fans brawl in Pittsburgh

Chesneywatch: where we check in with country music's biggest sports fan to see if he likes your team yet. (Spoiler: he does.)

Ronald Martinez

Kenny Chesney, noted sports fan, played Heinz Field this past Saturday night. Good times, mellow vibes, and warm breezes redolent of good island livin' followed and blessed the people of Pittsburgh with a truly special evening.

They also had a brawl, and trashed the place. Except for the man in blue flannel dancing happily in the middle of the fight, no one seemed to learn the lessons contained within Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Rum, a beverage full of the good times and tropical beauty he experienced one night in 2001. If only they could embrace the happiness Kenny Chesney finds in being a sports fan, and not trash a fine sporting venue in the course of getting 73 people arrested.

Which teams does Kenny Chesney support? We're so glad you asked.

Kenny Chesney would like your team, too, but he will require a hat and/or a jersey to become a fan. Please stop this tiny sporting harlot before he adopts another team, and causes another parking lot brawl in Pittsburgh.* His latest album, Things I Stole From Jimmy Buffett While Removing The References To Drugs And Personal Anguish, is available on iTunes and in stores, along with its lead single "Kinda Crappy Office On The Beach (Have A Low Carb Margarita)."

He will be appearing in your neighborhood soon as a golem made of all that stuff tacked to an Applebee's wall.

*To be fair: these two are not necessarily connected. Men in sleeveless shirts in Pittsburgh have never needed an excuse to brawl.