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Draw a sports logo from memory: Boston Red Sox

Drawing a sports logo from memory is harder than it sounds. See how well we did and try it for yourself.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Even if you don't like sports, there are many sports logos with which you may be familiar. But here's the thing: even if you DO like sports -- even if you instantly recognize a myriad of logos and create the semiotic link in your head to the team they represent on a daily basis -- they're insanely hard to recreate from memory alone.

This is our ongoing series where we attempt to recreate these logos using only a drawing implement and our own all-too-fallible human memories. Please enjoy our horrible attempt at the logo and accompanying anecdote, then give it a shot for yourself in the comments below. Have fun!

Everyone loves the Boston Red Sox! Or hates them! It's literally impossible to say! In 2003, the Red Sox were the most beloved underdog story in professional sports. Now they're more likely to induce a hearty eye-roll if you bring them up to a stranger on the street. Or a knife in your ribs. Why are you still talking to strangers? Wise up, kid.

Anyway, we're not here to argue whether you're a bad person for liking the Red Sox. We're here to draw a sports logo from memory! The Sox have two primary logos: The classic Boston "B" and the pair of two-dimensional, eponymous red "socks." I gave them both a whirl. They're slightly harder than they seem!


Okay that one's kinda big. Sorry about that.


I promise you I have seen a pair of socks before.

So give it a shot yourself. Give 'er a draw and post your results below. After you're done (no cheating!), check out the actual cap logo here and the sockxkxsxs logo here. Have fun!